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Popular summer pet
Date: 2013-4-5-新葡京-葡京网址新葡京开户-新葡京娱乐城
The summer heat already coming, it is a tough season for the puppy or kitten pet hair too long and dense bacterial parasites multiply more easily. To help loving pet to spend a cool summer, many pet owners rack their brains to come up with a lot of coup puppies have "off" under a heavy sweater, a sudden, pet shearing quietly swept the Dragon .
Who lives near Miss Wu Tong Shen after work, specifically with pet "little girl" to a pet store shearing, bath. The manager said, from the beginning of the end of April, there are a lot of dog owners with dogs come to shearing ,5-June day reception at least 10 pet dog, busy enjoying themselves.
    Corner of the house, another pet beautician is to help a chocolate brown Teddy trim hair, She expertly held onto the dog's chin, poodle seriously short shaved, leaving only the head and four feet, hair, It is said that this is very popular in the pet industry this year, "sportswear", looks fresh and there is no lack of playful dog. Repair hair, beautician did not forget told a few words: "Do not go on the grass, not playing and the cat flea, susceptible to skin diseases ..."
The manager said, come to make beauty pet small and medium-sized dog Teddy, Pomeranian, Bichon, but also members of the public will come to take a bath with a pet cat, shearing. According to the shape required by the hair of varying lengths and the owner of the pet, its basic beauty spent price from tens of dollars to twelve hundred dollars, consumption is very impressive.
    The long hair of the dog something else, 1-2 months need to take care of. "The manager said, it is very beautician time consumption, and very master-burning money, but a large group of dog lovers in Changzhou, I will not keep they will be treated when their own children, beauty with a dog on a regular basis. Many dogs are regulars here, the face of the the scissors "equanimity", very much enjoy the beauty process, from shearing to take a bath, blow dry, nails and then clean the eyes, ears, tens of dollars spent to make them "look good as lively as ever. " Compared to these "calm man", but also some dogs but added it "experience" is probably a newcomer to hear shaving machine "buzzing" sound, only dare to hide in the owner's Huailisese trembling. Reporter noted that a lot of scab in the hands of the manager, "I doing this has been more than seven years, the pain of which own most clearly in mind." The manager said, "to deal with the pet is bitten by a dog, cat grasp is the order of the day, already accustomed to, more of a dog patience, love and strong technical expertise. It is understood that a lot of people working in this field are graduated from professional school students like small animals.
However, reporters found that the shearing process the dogs shape, more or less some "lost". A very beautiful shape in the eyes of the people in the eyes of the dog is not at all clear. Who has come for the dog "millet" Miss Pan shearing expressed doubts harbored: "My friends all say dog ​​cut hair will be 'depressed' for some time, but does not cut it, I am afraid of heat stroke, do not know how do we go. "said the manager, which has always been a common problem in pets shearing, may be dissatisfied with the appearance of the" Barber ", and thus depressed. "At this time, you must master 'Master', the first time to praise the beautiful, usually a dog in humanity, so that they will be satisfied with their new image."
The summer dog shearing uncommon, then this beauty is really very necessary?
"The dog's body does not have sweat glands, so they heat mainly by the tongue and not the skin." Clock tower area animal disease prevention and control center babe animal hospital director Pan Feng told reporters, the weather is too hot, dog hair cut a little is good, but not too short or shaved down summer as not only would not achieve the effect, very easy to provoke mosquitoes, causing skin diseases. In addition, because the body hair disappeared in the dog's skin is particularly sensitive, direct exposure to the sun, are more susceptible to UV damage, coupled with the dog often lying on the ground or drill bushes, increasing the chance of fungal infection. Panyuan Chang suggested that the summer is the season of high incidence of pet skin diseases, the pets people need to keep in mind, even if the shaving should stay about 2-3 cm, drink enough water, anti-exposure, pet happy to spend the summer. "

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